Saturday, September 18, 2010

visit national landmark Angelica, Allegheny County

Go the other direction from the Finger Lakes to Main Street Angelica in Allegheny County. It's not really that far, and a quick drive on Interstate 86 to exit 31 gets you there in a jiffy. Think of it as a trip back in time where you will be surrounded by churches circling the town square, magnificnet inns dotting the wide tree-lined street and antique shops abounding. Soon you will find yourself walking slower and slower keeping the pace of the 19th century instead of our hectic 21st.  All this because Angelica has been designated a National Historic District. Don't leave your camera at home for at every turn there is another good view!

On my visit during the Civil War Weekend I stopped in to the Black-Eyed Susan Acoustic Cafe at 22 West Main Street
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for lunch, and I  am convinced that I will  come back on a Saturday night for dinner and live music. My chunky curried pumpkin soup was just the filling dish for a fall afternoon. The owner and all the wait staff were cordial and inviting. When I sense a pleasantness like that then I know that I have found a restaurant that will get my business again.

Yours truly in the town square.
I paused to talk to the folks at the Angelica Winery at the farmers' market
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 and sampled dry Riesling and Baco Noir. I was impressed, and took home a bottle of the Reisling to chill for dinner tonight.

Two local inns looked very inviting- The Angelica Inn and The Magnolia Inn- but they were busy with their guests from the Reenactment, so I never strolled the grounds nor stepped inside.

As you can see, I left some things to do for my next visit later in the fall.