Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spotlighting a stueben county farm

No better time than during the harvest season for celebrating the tenth annual Farm City Day in Steuben County this year held at the Burns family farm on Rose Hill Road in Howard, near Hornell.  Sponsored by Cornell Cooperative Extension, the day educates local communities on food systems and energy systems surrounding them. Grow, shop and eat locally is the aim.
Kids and grown- ups could traipse up and down the hills looking at the youngest calves at three months old, to learning about the process of milking the 400 hundred cows twice daily. All the equipment was out for viewing, and various booths with local honey, grapes, cheese and milk were sharing samples. A pumpkin patch ready for the picking and a giant corn maze kept everyone scrambling.

Getting out in the autumn air high up on a hill miles away from anywhere made for a great new experience.