Monday, August 30, 2010

a frolic in a scenic WNY sculpture park

     I hardly could  contain myself when a friend told me that she had to go to a family party in East Otto north of Ellicottville, New York.
     "Have you ever been to Ashford Hollow to the Griffis Sculpture Park?" I asked. "It's an adventure walking around giant-sized scuptures that fit right into their natural settings. We go at all times of the year, and each season the art takes on a whole different form depending if it is surrounded by colorful fall leaves or draped in sparkling snow.

     Not only is Ashford Hollow a great place to visit, but for camera buffs, it is a dream come true.
   Hmmm...after encouraging my friend to get herself there, I now have an urge to make a trip over myself. Between Ellicottville and East Otto there are a couple nifty restaurants that I hope are still in business. I want to review them and post here. Ellicottville is a fun stop to check out the stores, too.
   Check out the website for information and directions.