Saturday, July 17, 2010

a gem of a park for perfecting your hoola hoop technique

You can live in an area for a long time, and still miss a beautiful spot until one day there is a reason to go there. That happened to me yesterday when I was invited to a pre- wedding party at Al Lorenz Park in Mt Morris, a Livingston County Park.

What a scenic place!  It worked perfectly for  a catered party at a pavilion secluded from other areas in the park. It was like someone's giant backyard with space for games,  talking together with new and old friends and hiking down to the pond. The hoola hoops were out in full force as a world champion record holder was the mother of the bride, who put everyone else to shame with her effortless technique! The groom got his juggling skills back in order enough to throw a couple passes, but what could you expect with a wedding on his mind. Each table was covered with a white tablecloth  and adorned with wildflower bouquets like a still life of a rural country farm. At clean-up time it was simple, quick and efficient allowing for everyone to leave unburdened.

 Many of the invited guests at the wedding the next day were staying at the Country Inn and Suites just down the road, and this gave them a chance to stretch their legs and visit  without traveling far.

My plan is to return to the park with camera in hand and drive up and down the sloping roads looking for photo opportunities, and of course, I will walk some of the paths especially the one that takes me to a pond with its foot bridges.
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