Monday, July 26, 2010

blueberry picking in an out of the way location

For the next two weeks Stone Hill Road in the Town of Dansville ( some still refer to it as South Dansville ) will be busier than usual with traffic because it is blueberry picking season, and the plump fruit are literally falling off the bushes into  buckets with little effort on the part of the picker .

 I was there this morning early when it opened at 8 AM and can attest to the fact. Two hours later I was on my way home satisfied once again that I will be able to enjoy blueberries on my cereal and yogurt in the mornings all winter long.

It is the most peaceful setting to be picking that I have ever found  because it is away from the road, and in an immaculately groomed area. It doesn't feel commercialized at all. My mind wandered off into thoughts of cobblers, pies, muffins while the birds perched in the trees waiting for me to leave.

The exact location is 2277 Stone Hill Road, Dansville owned by Bill Pryor. Phone at 607-725-1763 for directions or use GPS.