Friday, May 14, 2010

castle of wellness...sneak preview for area residents

The Star Theater in Dansville actually had to turn away people last night for the 7 PM movie!

A preview,-or better to say,  a showing of a documentary in  need of further editing, on the castle on the hill  called "The Castle of Wellness" was aired for those in the community to view together. Many members of the audience had participated in the background research, and several were interviewed in the feature.

All in all, the concept was great and the information excellent, but the documentary was not ready to be shown to an audience. It would be fair to  say that it was an insult to the intelligence of the Dansville community present.

The castle which still stands in horrible disrepair, was at one time a vibrant hotel for those who wanted to take "the cure". Dr. Caleb Jackson and his wife, Kate, both believers in holistic wellness way before their time, led their patients to eat healthy grains, fruits, vegetables and pure water.

Later the castle resort was purchased by business tycoon, Bernarr McFadden, and he continued the concept of a healthy lifestyle as a key to longevity.

The producers of the film, both of whom are from out of the area,  are hoping to polish it and offer it for consideration by PPS.