Monday, April 5, 2010

Stories: The Oldest Art Is Still Alive and Telling

The sunset  slinks beneath the hill and the air captures a chilly streak that's passing by.  The campfire gets stoked exactly enough for it to let out a roar. People gather with their chairs and blankets.  All is quiet in anticipation.

The storyteller moves to a space so that her face will be illuminated by the rising and falling of the flames, and begins, "once upon a time ". The audience is magically transported to another time and place for a bit freeing their souls of life's daily problems.

It continues today.

You're invited to listen to a good tale told by a regionally-known storyteller, Cris Riedel.

Storytelling: The Oldest Art
Saturday, April 17th from 7-9 PM
Debbie's Cafe at 6 N Main Street, Wayland
Tickets @ $10. can be reserved by calling the cafe 
( ) or find her on facebook
Doors open at 6:30 PM.
Delicious desserts and coffees served for an additional price.