Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The End of March! Is It Really the End of Winter or April's Fool's to You!

A well-respected farmer in the area told me,  "it ain't over till it's over".
Isn't that what Yogi Berra said in his "life-isms", or at least he got recognition for?
Well, it doesn't matter where the statement originated.
What does make the difference is whether or not the Farmer's Almanac is right on the money this year. Care to take a peek?
Any seasoned resident of the Finger Lakes knows how fickle the weather can be, or not be, depending upon Mother Nature's pleasure.
Once you get some old timer going on about the weather, rather than the current politics of the day,  he will tell about everyone bundled up during a snowstorm on the Fourth of July when he was a kid for the family picnic! I marvel at his fortitude, but I don't want to go there in my mind, at least not this year!