Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Ember Burns Brightly Near Conesus Lake

The renovated railroad station in Livonia, minutes from Conesus Lake, has the most unique menu anywhere in the region, and the casual atmosphere affords an opportunity for an evening of talking in between sharing tapas with table mates.

Welcome to Ember Woodfire Grille, the newest restaurant in the Livonia area.

Certainly, this is the usual routine in tapas bars in Europe, where people gather to eat a variety of bits along with a good wine or beer. Nobody is in a hurry, and places encourage staying for a while. A lot of people make it a custom to frequent several favorite tapas bars in an evening, and making that dinner.

Our table had a heaping plate of chicken wings, a whole wheat pizza topped with spinach and feta, a steak pizza and a salad pizza. We went from one extreme to the other to satisfy everyone! The menu had wine and beer pairings for many of the choices, and in our case, the waitress offered her own suggestion when asked. Our selections all came out at different intervals keeping things warm and fresh while we sampled.

At Ember in Livonia the choice is yours--a full meal, pizzas or snacks to share or mix and match. The wait staff encourages you to do it your way, and Ember makes it happen.

21 Livonia Station
Livonia, NY 14487
(585) 346-0222