Monday, December 28, 2009

oh baby, it's cold outside!

Oh, baby, it’s cold outside, but I needed to go anyhow to get my heart pumping and my legs a movin’. There was no room for doubt that it was brisk. The evergreens lining our property were whipping spurts of wind at me while I walked gingerly in the snow following the deer tracks up over the hill. I was dressed for it bundled from head to foot, which had taken a bit of time to get on, but once I felt the crunch, crunch of the snow underfoot, I was ready to take on the challenge. Soon the snow depths will be sufficient enough for the snowshoes, and my body demands conditioning for a heavier workout. Often when I walk my thoughts shift in and out like a sieve, and my best ideas come while I am relaxed and doing some physical activity. Today was no different, and by the time I had had turned around hunching my shoulders forward to push away the snow pelting at my face, a new direction for my essay had formulated. My hands stuck in my pockets for extra insulation and my feet guided me to our driveway. One last deep breath and my walk was accomplished, bringing me inside to warmth and a hot drink.